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The Giraph beta!

Download all the photos of you from Facebook.

What does The Giraph do?

The Giraph searches Facebook to find all the images that you have been tagged in and puts them all in one downloadable zip file!

Why do I need to log in with Facebook?

We need to use your Facebook profile to search for the pictures. Fear not, we don't do anything but download pictures and we forget about your Facebook account when it's all done. You can always disconnect any app from

What do you do with my photos?

We'll hang on to them for 1 month after we've created the zip file. You can download them as many times as you like in that month. After that we delete them. You can also delete them manually at any time before then.

How do I get a promo code?

Just ask us, silly. We check all the time, so just say hi and ask us for one.

So, yeah, it's not working.

We're working on improving The Giraph for this beta period. If something's not working, or you have a suggestion, please email us at